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Android SpyAndroid monitoring software is an application that was developed for Android based phones. It is intended to make information of the activity of the phone available on Internet for monitoring purposes.
The need of monitoring software for Android phone
Android phones have become indispensable with a large section of the world’s population. With their numerous useful and value added features, it is no wonder that Android mobiles should have taken the world by storm.
An intro to mobile monitoring software
As the name suggests, mobile monitoring applications are meant for keeping a watch on mobile phones.These applications typically run quietly and are not visible to the phone user. As a rule, the monitoring software has options to record all the activities that centre on the mobile phone. A monitoring app such as Mobile Spy is usually designed to have compatible versions for a variety of smartphone models and their operating systems.
Need for mobile monitoring software
Monitoring software finds chief use in two situations. First is when someone wants to scrutinize the actions of an Android user and second is when an Android user needs to have a backup or log concerning his Android device usage. Another important utility for cell phone monitoring apps is tracking and retrieving the instrument when it has been misplaced or stolen.
Android monitoring applications are handy for parents who have gifted Android phones to their kids and are keen to have an eye on how the children are using them. These apps are also useful to employers desirous of tagging their staff members’ actions respecting their officially granted mobiles.
Folks, who do most of their personal as well as professional work on their favorite Android mobile, might prefer to keep all their old data and mobile activity log intact, for later reference. Such people also make a long arm for Android monitoring software and install it on their mobile instruments.
Features of Android monitoring app
How does a monitoring app for Android mobiles satisfy the user needs? It runs quietly in the background of the mobile, on which the user has installed it. Monitoring applications bring many special features to mobile scrutiny. The user can choose the parameters he or she wants to be logged. Call logs, SMS texts, emails, social media interactions, browsing details, chat messages, mobile data such as, contacts, calendar, to-do tasks, pictures, audio and video files and the phone’s GPS location at different times are just some of the specifics which Android monitoring apps can glean from the Android mobile phone.
Users can even get to see the real time mobile screen, get instant GPS location and current SIM card information at will with apps like Mobile Spy which offer such advanced live screen features. This live tracking can prove to be of maximum service when the mobile owner is trying to get back his lost mobile!
Installing Android monitoring software
Installing Android monitoring app involves a fairly simple procedure. The user has to create a user ID and password in the app server in general, to activate the account where he will be viewing the logged mobile activities and data. After the signup process is over, the user can download the Android monitoring software suited to the Android version on his or her mobile. Now the cell phone spy app is ready to run and stays active whenever the cell is on.


  1. These spy applications are indeed great. Now you can keep track of your spouse kids and employees. Now you can focus on your business more comfortably without the fear of being cheated by others.

    1. Thanks for your comment , yes they are awesome. :)

  2. I have been told that many of these apps have the tendency to drain the battery of the device. Is this true or only for particular applications?

    1. I appreciate your views and yes it is right they will do drain your battery life and its highly advisable to use such apps to minimum and save battery life by avoiding running apps for long run

  3. Now cell phone spy software is available for iphone 5s as well.