How To Become A Great Guest Blogger

Ultimate Tips to Guest Blogging

If you want to know how to become a great guest blogger, this article gives you the information you need to do it.
Whether you are a content writer looking to make a living, a webmaster responsible for a gluttony of websites, or a search professional selling a service, it is likely that guest blogging will be something you do at some stage.

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There are several reasons you might look to guest blog.
  • · To put your writing out there and get attention for your ability to write or knowledge of a specific subject
  • · To promote a service or product that could be used in conjunction with those available on the site you’re posting on
  • · As part of a link building campaign, either for a client or your own site
One of the biggest things about guest blogging is that it sounds easy. If you put the necessary time and attention to detail into your guest blogging strategy, then it is easy. Failure to do so, however, and you could end up with a disaster on your hands, as well as looking a bit silly.
There is a lot to doing guest blogging well. Follow these guidelines to ensure you become great at it and have dozens of sites asking you to contribute content.


Only promote something if you have agreed to it with the blog owner. Even if you are promoting something you have agreement for, you should make subtle inferences towards a product or service. Producing a 500 advert for your new brand of shoes isn’t going to please anyone.

Read It!

In the quest to build links, people start trying to post guest blogs everywhere. Avoid this where possible, for a number of reasons.
  • · If you just randomly approach a blogger and your brand has no relevance to the site, they will know you haven’t read it
  • · Google can tell if a link is actually relevant, even if the blogger has agreed to let you post regardless
  • · By targeting relevant blogs, you will increase the potential from generating readers from the blog itself, rather than just the SEO benefits of the link
What is the key to this? Read and understand the blog before approaching the blogger.

Remember You’re the Guest

That means you follow the guidelines laid out by the blog owner.
If they only want keywords written a maximum of three times, then that is what you do, regardless of if you think five is the optimum number.
If they prefer 1,000 word posts and you’re best work is 400-500, don’t waffle and put a low quality post together, just don’t write it at all.
Only contribute if you can follow the guidelines. If you can’t, then don’t approach the blogger, or respectfully decline if they approach you.

Build a Database

Whatever your purpose for guest blogging, you need to keep a database of the sites you have posted to and when you had blogs posted there.
This will help you keep in touch with blog owners, maintain a working relationship with them, and perhaps even come to an agreement to place regular posts on their site.
Obviously, you need high-quality content to top all of this off, and you will be well on your way to being a great guest blogger.
Karl is an online content writer with Bough SEO, a London SEO agency providing a full search marketing service and an extensive SEO toolkit for improving your search ranking.


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