Mobile Apps for Holiday Season

Kids Mobile Apps for Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching once again. It seems these days many people have apple devices and are looking for the perfect apps for their children to use. Fortunately, there are a number of products that may fit the bill. Those who are familiar with children know that children are as attracted to iphones, iPod touch devices and ipads as their parents are. These apple based applications are a big hit with both adults and children. It is up to the parent as to which items will best fit their particular needs. Some of the items of interest are easy to download and purchase. Some of these mobile apps are perfect to use as the holiday season approaches yet again.
Anyone who has small children knows that they are very interested in apps. These can be very enticing to children as they have beautiful scenes and are very interactive in nature. These are some of the apps parents can buy for the holiday season. Parents and children can use and can take advantage of these apps when the time is right.

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Traditional Holiday Apps :

Charlie Brown Christmas

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+One of the apps that has been around since 2011 is a Charlie Brown Christmas. It takes the whole 1965 cartoon edits it, and makes it an interactive picture book. It is available for ipad and has characters that pop into place as you turn pages. The child benefit is the interaction and the great story it provides. 4.99 pounds is the price for the app.

Toca Robot Lab

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+ For the youngster interested in Robotics, Toca Robot Lab is a winner. The child benefit is that it allows the child to build their own robot and assemble head, arms and legs. Additional benefits are that it allows experimentation with interesting items.

Fantastic Flying Machine of Mr. Morris

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+The Fantastic Flying Machine of Mr. Morris is another possible choice for parents this holiday season. It is affordably priced at only 2.99 pounds, but can be something that is available for children to play with this holiday season. It is part storybook and part game. This is another that has been around for a few years, but is a great one for children. It is has a great deal of artwork and story telling.
Going beyond just holiday interest apps are some great educational apps worth considering:
+TED is a free app for ipad that has a gotten a great deal of press. You can browse talks by subject and is educational in nature.
+For older children: Shakespeare in Bits is an app that costs 8.99 and is available for ipad. The benefit is being able to learn the classics in a fun and interactive way.
+A 3rd educational app that has gotten a great deal of press and was written about in the Telegraph is British Library Treasures available in a collection. There are documents, musical scores and lots of multimedia to keep children amazed and entertained. The child benefit is that you don’t have to visit the museum in order to get the highlights of more than 100 items displayed on the app.

Whether parents wish to stick with traditional apps or wish to peruse and purchase special holiday apps. There is enough selection to keep children entertained and happy this holiday season.


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