Accounting software for mac users

Accounting & Billing software for Mac

Finding software for the Mac system can be a little overwhelming, however with all the software today, it is getting a little easier.  Despite the many accounting software programs available, there are only a handful on the market that are designed for the Mac system.  Two options are available, web based accounting and traditionally installed Mac accounting software.

Web Based Accounting Software

Web based accounting software is designed to be used via the web.  This software relies on vendor hosts and manages the software vs. relying on a particular system.  With an internet connection and a web browser, this software can be easily accessed.
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AcumaticaDemoPrice is supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.  This software is mainly used for professional services, marketing, banking and hospitality, featuring core accounting and asset accounting and purchasing.  This software can be purchased by monthly subscription.
Intacct Financials is best used by businesses in industries such as engineering, advertising, media and technology.  Intacct is also a good choice for Salesforce customers who want to integrate with a web based program. This software is supported by Internet Explorer and Safari and purchased by a monthly subscription.
SAP is the first web based system which includes the essential core accounting functions.  It is used primarily for billing, invoicing, purchasing and expense reports.  This software is also designed to be used with iPad to allow you to work from anywhere!  This software can also be purchased by monthly subscription.
NetSuite Financials- A very popular program that serves most accounting needs.  This software is integrated and comes with corporate compliance, payroll management, and finance reporting. This software is supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, and has an app designed for mobile devices. NetSuite can be purchased by monthly subscription.

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Accounting software for mac users

Accounting software for mac users
For those not wanting to purchase software by monthly subscription, or going the web based route, a traditional Mac based accounting system is the best choice.  Although the accounting software programs are limitied in number and functionality, these programs are best suited for the small business needs.  These programs are generally not designed for the larger, more complex businesses.
AcctVantage-This software is supported by Mac OS 9 or later.  The software includes AR/AP, general ledger and reporting.  This program is designed for those who have outgrown the functionality of Quickbooks and can be purchased through license.
AccountEdge includes features for billing, invoicing, payroll and inventory management.  This software is good for those who have multiple users in the program.  This software price starts at $299.00.
Quickbooks is one of the most known and popular programs for invoicing, payroll and expense tracking.  While quickbooks can be used by anyone, it is more popular for small business.  Price starts at $229.00
In the computer world, which is, and historically has been,  PC based, which most software is created for Windows operating systems.  This would include file sharing programs by RLink and many others; however, Mac is becoming more popular in the business world, therefore, more availability of Mac based accounting software should be on the rise as well.


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