Top weather apps for Android Mobile & iPhone

Indian weather is so unpredictable in London and to keep updated about Weather in India with rain now and then in most parts of the region we have apps than keeps you posted about the latest forecasts which are updated several times a day by professional meteorologists. It is linked to a regional network of weather stations and webcams.

Top Android Mobile & iPhone apps

Top weather apps for Android Mobile & iPhone

India Weather

7-day weather forecast and current weather for major cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur. Widget with color and transparency of your choice. Weather map for the whole country.
Free for Android Mobile

London Weather

Precise information for each part of the city, with live webcams to show the conditions. Updated several times a day by expert meterologists.
Free for Android Mobile and iPhone

Yahoo! Weather

Beautiful photos of the weather in the part of London where you are. The animation of wind turbines is both pleasing to look at and informative.
Free for Android Mobile and iPhone

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All the scientific, detailed predictions you could want from an app but the best thing about Swackett is the graphic of a stick person wearing weather-appropriate clothes, with the option of choosing different outfits for them. Also provides amusing meteorological trivia.
Free for Android Mobile and iPhone

Weather Dog

An animated dog makes forecasts fun, by reacting to what the weather will be.
Free for Android Mobile and iPhone


One for weather geeks. Comprehensive information on everything you could possibly want to know — including the hair frizz risk.
Free for Android Mobile and iPhone

Met Office Weather

The UK’s famous bearer of bad news has an incredibly complex app out for iOS and android Mobile.The app gives out five-day forecasts covering over 5,000 UK spots, using geo data to automatically find the exact tree you’re hiding under. It also gives you the “feels like” temperature and wind speeds, so you know if you need to jumper-up for the dangerous run to the newsagent.
Free for Android Mobile and iPhone


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