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When the summer months come rolling in, there can be a feast of feelings for the five senses.  After the long, dark months of winter, summer offers a plethora of color, brightness, sounds, and smells.  Whether it’s the smell of a barbecue dinner or the sight of American flags hanging on neighborhood porches, the summer makes its presence known in a variety of ways.
The SMELL of Barbecues
One of the best things that come with the warmer weather is the opportunity to cook all your favorite foods on the grill.  There is nothing quite like the smell of hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, or even vegetables over an open flame.  Whether it’s charcoal or propane, the smell of a barbecue can linger throughout the neighborhood and can leave everyone feeling hungry.
The SOUND of the Ocean
The summer months have us packing up our cars and heading to the beach for some fun in the sun.  The rolling tide of the ocean is one of the most quintessential sounds that let you know that summer is officially here.  Before your day in the sand and surf is done, don’t forget to bring home a seashell.  Then, everywhere you go with it, you can have that great sound of summer in your pocket.
The TASTE of Cold Drinks
The long summer days can be hot and sweaty.  If you don’t have access to a pool or the beach, there are very few options other than central air to keep yourself cool.  Luckily, the summer is the time to break out all those delicious drink mixes and keep pitchers of them in the fridge for the time when you just need to stay cool.  Ice tea, lemonade, or whatever your drink of choice happens to be, you can be sure that these can keep you cool when the sun just isn’t cooperating in that department.
The SIGHT of Lawn Decorations
The summer months mean lawn care for a lot of home-owning Americans, and that also means bringing the lawn decorations out from the garage to display them all for everyone to see.  Whether they are pink flamingos, garden gnomes, or pinwheels, the summer is the best time to show decorations off, and it’s not just limited to lawns.  You can also find lots of American flags for sale in order to celebrate the summer patriotic holidays properly.
The FEEL of the Sun
The summer is not completely kind to the five senses.  For all the good things that come along with the warm weather, like barbecues and icy drinks, no feeling of summer is more memorable than that sting that comes along with getting bad sunburn.  Sunburn can completely ruin or day or week, depending on the severity and in some cases, can actually land you in the hospital.  In order to keep yourself safe, stay diligent by applying and reapplying sun block.  If you’re starting to feel overexposed, seek refuge from the sun by hiding under an umbrella or another shady spot.  If you do happen to get sunburn, keep the area moisturized and apply a soothing aloe to the burn.
Summer comes and goes, but the affect it has on the five senses is assured to come back each and every time.


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