Simple and Easy Ways to earn Credits at Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz is free social media platform where any one can come and join the platform and share other members projects, by doing so you will earn credits for your self , using those credits you can in return add your own projects to the platform for sharing.In this article we will discuss what the different ways to earn credits Viral Content Buzz social media platform.

1. Share Other projects

This is the best and easy way to earn credits , on the main dashboard you will viewing all the members projects and you can start sharing them on Facebook , Pinterest StumbleUpon and Twitter . The system will gift you credits for sharing others projects.

2. Write a Review about Viral Content Buzz

If you have written any good review on others blog or on your blog about Viral Content Buzz then grab the published URL link and navigate to 'Spread a Word! Viral Content Buzz Badges' page and there is link called Earn credits for spreading the word , click on that link and add your published URL . The moderators once reviewed it you will gain around 50 -1 00 credits for each published review.

3. Honey Bee Content Marketer / Busy Bee Content Marketer

If you are subscribed to pro subscription on Viral Content Buzz then your account will be topped with 200 credits monthly for Honey Bee Content Marketer subscription and 500 credits for Busy bee Content Marketer subscription .


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