5 Benefits Of Buying LED | LED Technology

5 Benefits Of Buying LED | LED Technology: "Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of LED light bulbs is that they last a lot longer than regular CFL and fluorescent bulbs. They also happen to produce a lot less heat and are more energy efficient. However, the upfront cost of buying an LED despite now being slightly cheaper is still much higher than regular CFLs and tube lights. The reason being that the technology is still new and there is a lot more that goes into manufacturing a good LED lightbulb than any other type of lighting technology. Even though you should expect the switch to LED lighting to be expensive the right LED profile for your home or office can save you some money upfront and even on subsequent replacements. The good news is that LEDs are flexible and so they can be fashioned into a number of different profiles for home and business use. Below we look at the five benefits of buying ones that are fashioned to suit fixtures meant for CFL bulbs.



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