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Easy Ways To Speed Up Wordpress Blogs | Wordpress: "WordPress is the best open source blogging platform and free content management system based on PHP and MySQl and used by many bloggers to host their blogs. Everyday large amount of blogs are created and keeping them fast enough to be accessed by readers, customers is the key.Average loading speed of a blog/website is seen to be 1.7 seconds and blogs which have such good speed make their way up-to search engine. Bing and Google search engine like the speed but speed factor is not considered in ranking algorithms but if plays important role in SEO , blog with poor SEO factor can have adverse effect on their websites and search engine ranking and you need to carefully choose  proper plugins for your blogs to keep the loading speed of the website fair enough so readers are not felt annoyed by slow loading of the blogs.Its said you got just few seconds to make reader to hang in to your blog and make them comfortable once they land on your website.Poor loading speed can chase your website readers.


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