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Where Do All The Hackers with jobs Come From?

Did you know that the United States government is recruiting hackers at an enormously fast rate? This should not come as a surprise to you. In fact, many hackers are working for the American government to counter-attack what is known as cyber terrorism. The Department of Homeland Security is offering many internships and high-level positions for individuals capable of combatting this new form of computer terrorism.

Why Is This Catching On So Quickly?

Essentially, cyber terrorism is one of the most lethal forms of terrorism on the planet. It targets banks, lending institutions, prison, security systems and confidential government records. The average age of a hacker is between sixteen and nineteen years of age. In addition, over ninety percent of hackers are male high school students in the United States. Only thirty percent of hackers come from other countries. Hackers are becoming interested in this governmental position for two main reasons. First, hackers can earn a paid salaried position that ranges from fifty to a hundred thousand dollars annually with benefits. Second, they can use state-of-the-art equipment to help their country, instead of run the risk of being thrown in jail.

What Does The Future Have In Store For Hackers ?

Most hackers are self-taught computer geniuses that have exceptional knowledge in programming, coding and Internet technology skills. However, according to recent data, the Pentagon is struggling to build its own cyber workforce. Therefore, the U.S. government is eager to recruit more hackers from this on-going security issue. The major benefit of this position is that a hacker is not required to have an experienced education under their belt. By contrast, most hackers do not have college educations; instead, they are trained in an independent and autodidact fashion. If you are looking to skip the academic obstacle course and head right to a salary position, this might be the place to be.


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Source: Homeland Security Degree


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