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There are some scenes that automatically come to mind when people think of weddings.  They think about the bride being given away by her father, the groom being forbidden from seeing the bride on the day of their wedding until the ceremony, and they think about bridesmaids and other female guests scrambling to catch the bride's bouquet.
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Those images probably occur in the minds of Americans, but people from different countries are most likely imagining something entirely different when they think about weddings.  Did you know that in traditional German wedding ceremonies the groom carries grains in his pocket to ensure wealth and good fortune; and the bride carries salt and bread? Did you know that the groom's brother sprinkles flower petals over the married couple at the end of the wedding ceremony to ward off evil during a traditional Indian wedding?

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There are almost as many different wedding traditions as there are cultures and societies on Earth, and it seems like every group of people has their own special way of celebrating love and uniting two people.  There are a variety of ways two people can get married in this world, and this infographic showcases some of the most interesting and unique wedding traditions there are.

wedding traditions around the world.jpg
wedding traditions around the world.jpg
Brielle has always been interested in different cultural traditions. Weddings throughout the world can be very unique from what one is used to.


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