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The year 2012 proved to be a busy year as far as technology is concerned. There were a number of new gadgets streaming to the market while manufacturers of existing devices succeeded in developing and releasing new versions of their products. Fast forward to 2013 and here you can brace yourself to a very busy year in technology if these early signs are anything to go by. So far apple has not featured anywhere among the best gadgets reviews for the first time since 2009. Samsung has cemented a spot with its eloquent smart phones while gaming devices have also found the much deserved recognition.

Quick run on latest devices :


Pebble deserves every right to be described as the 'presently number one watch of the 21st century'. This amazing masterpiece has different faces that can be downloaded and customized according to your needs. Pebble can connect to your Android or iPhone through Bluetooth and alert you of incoming messages, emails and calls by vibrating gently. There are also a couple of downloadable applications that enable you to turn this watch in to a GPS, an mp3 player, computer or a stopwatch that can be used anywhere.

3D printers

3D printing hit the market with a bang and the technology is being adapted by major corporations fast. With main users emerging from fields such as clothing, medicine and engineering, this technology works by mapping out then the printers develop thin slices of the available material, mostly plastic, on top of each other in order to develop a 3D object. Developers are anticipating that with the inclusion of newly developed technology, 3D printing will become cheap and quick hence aid in forensic investigations.


Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung released their latest version of their amazing Galaxy S series. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled in New York with the aim of beating Apple on its own turf. Some of the new features that grace the Samsung Galaxy S4 is its remote technology whereby the phone can be controlled without necessarily touching the screen. A smart scroll technology lets users to scroll through their mails without touching the screen while its smart pause technology allows users to pause a video simply by looking away from the screen. The S4 detects movements of the eyes and wrists and performs accordingly.

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony is proving once again to be a leader as far as gaming devices are concerned. The manufacturers have provided tantalizing details of the PS4 all which indicate that the device will provide a whole new dimension in the gaming industry. There has been an inclusion of a number of buttons with touch screen technology and plenty of functions that allow users to edit, upload gaming videos, share online, record among other activities.

Google Glass

Ever since there was talk of its development, many people have been anticipating the release of this device meant to offer a hands-free technological experience. When worn, the lightweight glasses can use voice commands to send messages, take pictures, record videos, translate speeches or even find directions. They also connect to the internet and access Google's services which ends up creating a hands-free smart phone device right in front of your eyes.

Samsung Series 7 Chronos

The Samsung Series 7 Chronos is an accurate combination of powerful laptops parts in to a unique device that gets everything right. Its powerful quad-core i7 processor gives it a superior desktop performance while a dedicated graphics chip makes it a great gaming device. Other features include a ten-point touch screen, 1 TB hard disk space and an amazing 9 and half hour battery life.


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