Ultra HD TV- A Bright Future for TV Advertising

Ultra HD TV

Ultra HD TV is making a lot of noise in the tech word at the moment, with many people asking “what is Ultra HD and why should I buy into it?”. There are numerous reasons as to why you would be stunned by the 4K (Ultra HD) technology, as well as many reasons to stick to your faithful 1080p television. There is no denying however that Ultra HD will blow you away.
What I am interested in is the impact this technology will have on the future of advertising and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns from here on in. We already know how compelling the world of advertising is, but now make the images more vivid, and imagine you are sat in the driving seat of that new Audi, as you seamlessly handle every corner the road throws at you. You can see every intricate wonder of the beautiful woodland that lines the winding road, and feel the sun break through the trees and beam through your windscreen. This could be what 4K technology does to us for hours on end, every day.


We are potentially going to be even more susceptible to the power of advertising, and due to the increasing screen size and 4x smaller pixels, the experience will be second to none. For advertisers, this means tapping into the viewer’s core emotions, and exploiting and leveraging the possibilities that this heightened sense of reality could bring to them.
For a long time we have been interested in upgrading to a larger screen size to make our TV viewing more life-like. The problem has been that the resolution has stayed the same, yet the screens have got bigger. This has meant that the pixels are more visible, so we are forced to view the television from further away, which can cancel out the positives in having a large screen in the first place. With Ultra HD you are going to see massive screens with 4x smaller pixels, which means the image will be flawless to us.
Ultra HD TV
Do we think this will affect how we feed into advertising? I think so, but the main thing to remember is if you are sensitive to advertising already, and you do not like to feel pressure to buy things that you may not be able to afford, then you need to consider if optimizing your viewing pleasure is the wisest move.
8K technology is roughly five years away from being commercially available, and we cannot imagine the capabilities this will open up to the advertising giants across the globe that spend millions on producing images that have not yet been given the chance to shine. 4K will set the standard for ultimate viewing pleasure. Watch this space!


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