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Press releases are a popular marketing tool that can help generate interest in your company and spread the word about your news and events. Most small businesses assume that press releases are only beneficial to larger companies that are widely known, but this is untrue. Many small businesses can earn a great deal of notoriety by generating press releases. The following shows just how beneficial press releases can be to small businesses.
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Press Releases For The Rest Of Us-How Small Business Can Benefit From Press Engagement
It can give you local press.
Press releases are sent out to a variety of news medias, and in most cases, local news stations will be more willing to run stories about local businesses. Make sure that you’re sending your press releases out to local news outlets so that they can add your news to their website, social media feeds or print materials. When customers come across your local press release, they will be more willing to read the information (and possibly visit your establishment) if they see that your business is in town.

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It can give you national recognition.
Aside from local press, press releases have the ability to give you national recognition as well. Because most press releases today are sent through the Internet, your company’s press release may be featured in a variety of industry-related Internet mediums. For example, other companies may spread your news in their newsletters or on their websites, and this can help your company build a name for itself on a wider platform.
It can build trust.
Many customers opt to buy from larger companies instead of smaller companies because they know they can trust the large company. This large company has built a name and reputation for itself and has likely been around as a trusted source for years. Unfortunately, smaller companies don’t have this same trust with customers, at least not right away. When you issue press releases and when they’re picked up by news stations, it increases the validity of your business and can help customers trust you more.
It can increase traffic to your website.
Including a link to your website on your press release is a great way to increase traffic to your site. When customers click on your link, they’ll be sent to your site, increasing your traffic. While they’re on your site, they can peruse what you have to offer and what makes your company unique, and it may entice them to try out your company or even make a purchase.
It can improve your SEO.
Small businesses have a hard time generating great SEO due to the competition of larger companies, but press releases can help. Not only will your company’s name find its way around the Internet, but more links back to your website will be generated, which will help improve your overall search engine optimization efforts. Because of this, your site may end up ranking higher on the search engines than before, giving your company better visibility and more online exposure.


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