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Boating is an enjoyable hobby. There’s nothing like heading out on the open water to enjoy the sunshine, clear skies and company of friends. However, it’s important to follow safe boating guidelines to ensure that everyone has fun and remains safe while on the journey.

Below are the list of Safe boating tips

Safe boating tips for beginners
Check the Plug
Check it, double-check it and triple-check the plug before you launch the boat. Encourage all family members to check and make sure the plug is in place before you actually slip the boat off your trailer. This is a common mistake that new boaters make, and even some experienced ones have had a good scare because the plug wasn’t in place when the boat went in the water.
Build Slowly
Boats require a good deal of maintenance, and the maintenance requirements increase as your boat goes up in size. Experts recommend starting with a small boat and working your way up as you learn more about boating and become comfortable with the hobby.
Learn in Calm Waters
Calm water is easier to learn on, and it’s safer. Choppy waters are difficult to navigate, and speed plays a more critical role when the water is rough. If possible, take your boat out for the first time on a calm day when the water is relatively smooth.
Check the Weather
Be prepared for the weather by checking reports before you head out. If they are calling for severe storms, then you may want to stay home. Look at the radar images as well as general reports, so you can see what is waiting for you right off the coast. This will also allow you to dress properly for the weather so you will get the most out of your boating experience.
Share Your Plans
Whether you are going out alone or with the family, share your travel plans with someone who is staying on shore. If you fail to return by a certain time, they can call for help. They should know the general area you would be boating in and what time you expect to return by.
Leave the Alcohol for Later
Alcohol and boating don’t mix. People will tell you otherwise and try to say that it’s okay to drive a boat with a beer in your hand, but boating accidents can be tragic. Protect yourself, your family and other boaters by leaving the alcoholic beverages at home.


Personal Protection
Always wear a life jacket. Even an experienced swimmer can become disoriented in the water, and treading water becomes tiring when you cannot rest your weary arms and legs. Always wear the life jacket, and insist that every person on your boat don a personal flotation device.
It’s also smart to invest in training to learn what to do if you accidentally fall into the water. The training teaches you how to stay calm and what to do in different situations. The classes could save your life or the life of a family member, so make the investment before you head out on the water.

Safety First

Your boat should be properly stocked with a marine-type fire extinguisher that is Coast Guard approved, a visual distress signal, a horn, life ring, first aid kit, anchor and line, spare keys and back-up plugs. Make sure these items are on board before you head out for a trip.
Follow these safe boating tips to make your boating experience safer and more enjoyable. You will avoid tragic accidents and protect your family as well as other boaters. These safe boating tips are easy to take, don’t cost a great deal of money and will help you become a responsible boater.


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