Tropical Theme Home Decorating Ideas

If you love tropical places but don’t live in one, bring the tropics to your home through a tropical theme. Smartly incorporating tropical accents to your home will slowly transform it into the beach paradise that you have always longed for. You don’t have to make drastic changes. Experiment with a room or two and see how it looks. If it suits you, go ahead and explore further until your home conjures wonderful memories of ocean waves, sunny beaches and wonderful vacations. There are a number of interesting ways to pull off a tropical theme in your home.

Earth Tone Paint Colors

The most basic step is using earth-tone paint colors. This color scheme gives your home a back-to-nature appearance. You can choose corals, palm tree greens, ocean colors and other neutral shades that suggest calmness. These colors are ideal for room makeovers that will surely be pleasing to you or to prospective buyers, in case you’ll consider selling your property in the future.

Tropical Accessories

It would be exciting to find tropical accessories reminiscent of the most beautiful sunny places you have been, such as Maldives, Hawaii, or the Caribbean. You can start setting the mood with a beach theme welcome sign on your front door. You can choose designs that feature hibiscus flowers, palm trees or pineapples. A doormat with turtle, dolphin or fish designs can likewise lend a nautical feel to your home. These small tropical accessories offer you welcoming warmth each time you arrive at your front door.
Tropical Theme Home Decorating Ideas

Tropical Furniture

You don’t have to throw out all your existing furniture in the house. Stay within your decorating budget by simply adding a few pieces of tropical furniture into your room. Place wicker arm chairs in strategic locations and enliven it with tropical décor cushions. Large decorative wicker baskets can serve as coffee table when turned upside down. A large wicker tray can be positioned on top for resting drinks.

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Wooden Accents

Once you have identified which areas in your house you want to look tropical, you will then have various choices of decorative accents. For tropical themes, wooden accents are more effective. Choose high quality wooden carvings such as tiki masks, sculptures, wooden trays and bowls. Accentuate windows with natural wooden curtain rods like the ones from the Highland Timber Collection of Vesta Drapery Hardware. The uniquely designed finials from the collection will likewise enhance the overall effect.

Tropical Fabrics and Rugs

Tropical fabrics can breathe life into bland walls and floors. Fabrics with refreshing patterns of flowers and leaves can create an illusion of the tropics. If possible, upholster your accent chairs or sofas in them, or cut costs by sewing throws and pillow covers. Add rugs in wicker color and tropical design, such as palm trees, leaves, seashells and shores. Choose the same designs or plain warm colored fabrics for curtains. Go for the soft gauzy kind that easily flutters in the wind. This gives you a feeling that the beach is just within reach.


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