5 Social Media Tips For Mobile App Marketing Strategies

5 Social Media Tips For Mobile App Social media is a very important part of any type of business promotion nowadays, and mobile app marketing is no exception. Nearly everysocial media website has an app for iPhone or Android, so social media fans are constantly tuned into social media networks more than any other websites. This is fertile, viable ground for marketing and sales, so it’s important to utilize it effectively. With an effective social media strategy, you can drive daily downloads to your app. However, with an average or poor strategy, you can lose fans, downloads, and social media can quickly become a waste of time. Here’s how to avoid wasting your social media experience, and how to capitalize on it instead to push your mobile app’s success.
1. Establish all of your social media accounts.
Social media is much more than just Facebook and Twitter. There are hundreds of social media accounts available today, and establishing an account with your app’s name on everyone will generate SEO leads, prevent others from misrepresenting your brand, and grant you several opportunities to generate new users. A few social media sites to consider are Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google +, LiveStream, Ustream, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Tumblr, Foursquare, StumbleUpon, and more.
2. Blanket Posts
Bear in mind that even though you may have established several social media accounts, your fan base may not have an account on every single one. Also, just because some of your fans have Twitter and Facebook accounts, doesn’t mean they’ll use both, they may just use one or the other. This is why it’s important to link all of your accounts together when possible, that way a single post is blanketed across every one of them. Reach out to your fans in every way you can to maximize downloads.
3. Build a Community
Random posts about updates to your app and such are great, but they don’t build a community as effectively as they should. To get your social media fans involved in your app, post special topics that are related to your app indirectly. For instance, if you have news app, post popular news articles on your social media sites and ask your fans what they think. If you have music app, post music articles and encourage your fans to chime in. This gets your fan base tuned in to your brand to help build a buzz around your app.
4. Interact
Simply posting messages or content and not responding does not engage your audience. If someone asks a question, do your best to respond. Especially if they are talking about your app. Communicating with your audience is a 2-way street, and helps convert social media fans into app users.
5. Launch Contest
Contests are one of the best ways to build a strong relationship with your fans, and garner new ones. An engaging contest will get your fans talking about your app and spreading the news to others, to ensure that your social media pages are paying their dues on generating more downloads


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