Explore Viral Content Buzz Advanced Feature ' Interaction window '

Before we get started about Interaction window in Viral Content Buzz let me help you to know about Viral Content Buzz . Viral Content buzz is a web-based platform that utilizes a crowd-sourcing model to facilitate the generation of REAL social buzz on quality content. With such sharing you will not only get more visitor to your blog but also good quality organic traffic.To know more about you can visit Viral Content buzz homepage to know about their business model and sign up for their free service.

So now lets get started with Interaction window in Viral Content Buzz.Interaction window in Viral Content Buzz is an advanced featured embedded and can be viewed under Viral Content buzz homepage. Below are the points listed which highlights the features of Interaction window in Viral Content Buzz .

Features of  ' Interaction window '

1. Interaction window section in Viral Content Buzz has 4 sub-tabs
2. Each sub-tab is represented by one social media platform
3. They are placed as follow - Twitter, Facebook , Pinterest and StumbleUpon
4. Under each sub-tab you can view your project stats for each social media account
5. Every sub-tab provides better analytic on who has shared your vcb projects 
2. Analytic on which user shared your projects
3. The costs incurred for that shared project. 
4. The time-stamp when the project was shared on Viral Content Buzz
6. 'Interact' Button feature form every sub-tab for direct interaction with user fron VCB portal

Interaction windows helps you to interact with user on all social media platforms directly this from this section.The feature is really awesome and if you get used to it , there is very less need of you logging into twitter and Facebook accounts to thank your users for 
sharing your content.


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