Viral Content Buzz is better than Social Buzz Club ?

Yes , I love Viral Content Buzz and its the best I can see in the content sharing platform race. VCB features are awesome and Social Buzz Club is not providing any better features what I get in Viral Content Buzz. Viral Content Buzz and Social Buzz Club provides industry experts to share their work to various social media platforms and helps to get traffic to our, these platforms also helps us to increase our KLOUT score. Once you sign up with such platform you will have access to good content. With access to twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , StumbleUpon , LinkedIn accounts attached to your account you can share all interesting stuffs to on this huge platforms.

Viral Content Buzz has following advantages over Social Buzz Club 

1. Social Buzz Club do not provide features what we have been given in Viral Content Buzz such scheduler , upto twitter accounts for sharing , Google plus sharing.

2. I liked Viral Content Buzz because they allow you to attach 5 twitter accounts for free sign up where as Social Buzz Club just one

Viral Content Buzz 3. Viral Content Buzz provides allows you to share content to your readers via Facebook , Pinterest, Twitter , StumbleUpon and Google Plus where as Social Buzz Club just on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn with no sharing on Facebook pages

4. Social Buzz Club do not allow free sign ups to share on Facebook pages its only for premium users.

5. Viral Content Buzz website interface is easy for users and also i liked the sharing features which is embedded in each post where as Social Buzz Club takes to another window to share your the content and not quite user friendly.


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